Getting Relief from Car Accident Pain

I was in a pretty bad car accident about a year ago. It was not my fault at all, which was about the only good thing that came of it. I did break a couple of bones and needed physical therapy for several months, and I also had to start seeing a chiropractor in Mesa AZ because the pain was just too awful to bear at times. Since I did have a neck injury, my primary care physician suggested that I add a chiropractor to my medical team, and I thought it was a great idea.

I had never been to one before, but I know a few people who have. (more…)

Finally Getting Some Pain Relief for My Aching Shoulder

My shoulder starting aching. I was a bit scared because it was my left one. It did not come on suddenly. It started very mild and then kept on getting worse over time. It would hurt to move my shoulder. I was worried it was my heart, but I could make my arm hurt a lot worse by simply moving it a certain way. Still, I got cleared from my doctor that it was not my heart before he told me to go to an Orland Park chiropractor for adjustments to help relieve the pain. The chiropractor I went to used electrical stimulation on the muscles. Plus, I got a deep muscle massage with some gizmo thingy they use. It felt weird, but then my shoulder would feel better. (more…)